Good and strong: remembering Praful Bidwai

To think, articulate, convince, argue and write about topics as wide and relevant as Secularism, Climate Change, Nuclear Disarmament, National Politics, Ecological Justice and People’s Movements is not an easy task for a single human mind. More amazing would be the gentle and non-violent way in which the most vehement and strong arguments would be framed and presented in a characteristic intense style.

Remembering and Honoring Praful Bidwai: ‘Abolition 2000’ pays its tribute

Our hearts were broken to learn of the sudden, untimely demise of our dear friend and colleague Praful Bidwai. Praful was a courageous truth teller, a fearless advocate, and a kind and funny man. Some of us were fortunate to be present at the founding conference of the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) in Delhi, and to be graciously hosted by Praful in his home.