Women of Fukushima Invite Modi: Come and See the Destruction, Don’t Buy Nukes From Japan!

Lalita Ramdas | I have just read this deeply moving and passionate appeal written by the women of Fukushima, clearly calling the attention of the world, especially the people of Asia, and particularly our Prime Minister as he prepares to visit Japan later this week, and according to media reports, sign the India-Japan Nuclear Agreement.

Mr. Abe, Fix Fukushima First! You’re Welcome to India, Nukes are Not!! [Urgent Campaign Update]

The campaign launched by the Coalition for Disarmament and Peace(CNDP) against the India-Japan nuclear agreement, which has been in pipeline for several years and is likely to be culminated during the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzo Abe’s upcoming visit to New Delhi, has recieved extremely encouraging response from people all over the world, especially in India and Japan. For us, this support vindicates our firm belief that this nuclear agreement is anachronistic, absurd and unacceptable to people in Japan who are witnessing a still unfolding disaster in Japan, and people in India who are brutally silenced by their government indulging in nuclear expansion misadventure. It is heartening to see that this camaign has received solidarity from people across the world who realise the risks of nuclear energy in a post-Fukushima world.