Press Release
19 August, 2011

Scrapping of Proposed Nuclear Power Plant in
Haripur, West Bengal

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) takes note of and warmly welcomes the statement made by the West Bengal Power Minister on the floor of the state assembly on the 17th instant to the effect that the state government has decided to scrap the proposal for a nuclear power plant at Haripur. It also welcomes the assurance by the Power Minister that the present government has no plans to set up nuclear power plants in any other parts of the state.

This is a heartening development no doubt given the strong and wide misgivings about nuclear power, further reinforced by the ongoing nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan since March 11th last, and the huge mass resistance against the proposed nuclear power plant in Haripur, and also elsewhere including Jaitapur in Maharashtra in particular.

The CNDP urges both the central government and state governments, where nuclear power plants are scheduled to come up, to take the cue from the West Bengal government and act likewise.

Achin Vanaik
Sukla Sen
Anil Chaudhary
for CNDP