Messsage from Hiroshi Taka, Japan Council against A and H Bombs, in Response to CNDP Message of Solidarity

Sept. 26, 2018

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for the message of solidarity you sent to the Okinawan people in response to our request dated Sep. 13, 2018.

On Sept. 21, I brought all your messages with Japanese translation to Okinawa and handed them to the leaders of “Hiyamikachi-Umanchu-no-Kai (meaning ‘Let’s Go All Okinawans’ Association) ”, the election headquarters of the network composed of all citizen groups and political parties that stand against the construction of the new Marine Base at Henoko, Nago-city and for the removal of the existing Futemma Marine Base in Ginowan City. Then, on Sept. 22, I further met Denny Tamaki, the candidate for the ongoing gubernatorial election, presented the messages to him and conveyed him your support and solidarity.

I told him that through the messages, the peace movements around the world are supporting Okinawans’ struggle to get Okinawa back to their own hands, as well as their determination to turn Okinawa to a bridge of peace between Japan and the rest of Asia. Further, the peace movements warmly welcome and appreciate his pledge that if elected he will defend Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan and press for Japan’s signing and ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

I then informed him that the senders of the messages include a Nobel Laureate organization, the peace groups having the broadest public support in the countries they operate, many peace groups at grassroots, trade unions, political parties and individuals, including former Advisor to President of Palau, the country that promulgated a nuclear-free Constitution, a leader of Veterans for Peace in Hawaii, etc.

Denny Tamaki said that he was deeply moved and encouraged by this extensive support from the world. “The TPNW was adopted, the Japanese Government refused to sign it. Fumio Kishida, the then foreign minister, who was elected to the Diet from the Constituency 1 of Hiroshima, did nothing. I thought it was too bad. It taught me by negative example. I will not cease to speak for Okinawa and the Okinawans. I will work like a pencil with blunt point. A sharp pencil tip is easily broken. Broadminded and firm, I will keep conveying our appeal in Japan and overseas…” He then said, he would thankfully take time to read all the messages.

The official voting day will be Sept. 30. We will continue to do whatever we can to support “All Okinawa” and its candidate.

Hiroshi Taka
Japan Council against A and H Bombs

CNDP Message of Solidarity

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India, hereby, joins the peace loving Japanese people, in general, and the peace movements, in particular, in their opposition to the construction of the new US Marine base in Henoko, Nago city, demand for removal of the old base and also for the defence of peace and human rights of Okinawan people.

Towards that specific end, it registers its support for Denny Tamaki San, in unison with the peace loving people of Japan, for the post of Governor of Okinawa, for which election is due to on September 30 2018, with the sole aim of strengthening the ongoing struggle.

The popular endorsement of Denny Tamaki San, and the policies that he stands for in the subject context, via election to the post of Governor, it believes, would also go a long way to further reinforce the nationwide efforts of the Japanese people to defend Article 9 of the Constitution and a nuclear-free and peaceful Japan as well as the struggles for peace in Asia and the world.

The CNDP decries the incumbent Japanese government’s persistent endeavour to go ahead with the construction of the new US naval base brutally trampling upon the clearly expressed will of the people.

It wishes the popular struggle against the US naval base a roaring success.