Concerned Citizens’ Statement on the  State of India Pakistan Relations

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We have been shocked at the attack on Uri, and the tragic loss of life and grave injuries of so many jawans. Viewed together with the deteriorating situation in Jammu and Kashmir over the past two and a half months, this is cause for serious concern.

The resulting war of words between India and Pakistan, and consequent escalation of threats has been very disturbing. Some irresponsible sources, including the media, have even advocated the use of the nuclear weapon, and turning off the river waters as mandated by the Indus Waters Treaty Agreement.
These developments do not augur well for peace in South Asia.

An outbreak of hostilities between two nuclear-armed neighbours can all too easily spin out of control with catastrophic consequences where Hiroshima and Nagasaki would pale into insignificance.

Any evidence that can confirm which group was responsible for the Uri attack must be made public. Diplomatic and political countermeasures must be specifically targeted against the group in question.

Neither military tit-for-tat nor war is an option.”

We, the citizens of India, concerned about the deteriorating situation between Pakistan and ourselves, the worrisome war-mongering by sections of the media and others, and the irresponsible talk of using nukes, urge all sides involved to exercise utmost restraint. We also urge all stakeholders concerned to engage in a process of dialogue which alone can bring peace and development for the peoples of both countries and the region.

News Reporter